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generator maintenance

Commercial Generator Maintenance

Commercial generators, just like your car or truck, all have engine and electronics that require regular maintenance, regardless of how often they’re used. Regular commercial generator maintenance is imperative to ensuring long-life and minimal down-time throughout the life of the generator set. Maintenance schedules can also provide an opportunity for cost-saving measures to complete minor repairs, […]

safety training

Closing out 2020 with Clean Safety Record

We are proud to be closing out 2020 with a clean safety record. “LionHeart values the safety of our employees above all else. Nothing is more important than our FSEs coming home safe.” LionHeart Safety Motto We train our Field Service Engineers to take the time to look, listen, and understand their surroundings. We also […]

commercial generator repair

Commercial Generator Repair with Field Service Engineer, Mike Cacic

When it comes to commercial generator repair and complex engine difficulty one of your first calls should always be to Field Service Engineer (FSE) Mike Cacic, who has 42 years of experience and is EGSA certified. Mike is one of the most decorated veterans of LionHeart having worked on virtually every type of generator imaginable. […]

winter service

Combating the Effects of Cold Weather

As temperatures drop, so can generator system reliability. With a little understanding and increased diligence, combating the effects of cold weather on the emergency system you depend on, can go a long way. Below are just a few helpful tips to help you optimize system reliability. Batteries: The #1 Cause for System Failure. Like your […]

Fire Pumps: Protecting People; Protecting Property

Fire pumps are the heart of the fire sprinkler system within a facility. It drives ample pressure and additional water volume to the fire protection system. Whether your fire pump is driven by a diesel engine or an electric motor, LionHeart offers the expertise to keep your drive system in peak operating condition. The Fire […]

Estimate your Critical Power Equipment Repair with Tim Buhrow

Estimate your critical power equipment repair with Tim Buhrow, the winner of LionHeart’s Estimator of the Year for the past 4 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge to each project he is assigned. Whether your repair is small or complex, Tim’s level of detail is unmatched. He strives for excellence daily, evaluating client needs […]

Fuel Polishing & Cleaning of Diesel Generators

Fuel polishing and cleaning is critical to the ability of diesel generators and/or fire pumps to operate in an emergency. It also is the key to preventing costly repairs and downtime due to issues such as fuel injection pump replacement. What is fuel polishing & how do you maintain healthy fuel? Fuel polishing and cleaning […]

Troubleshooting Your Critical Power Equipment with FSE, Rob Plane

When it comes to troubleshooting the most complicated critical power equipment, the LionHeart team calls on team member, Rob Plane. Rob’s ability to problem solve is truly one of a kind in this industry. His hard work and dedication, along with detailed knowledge of electrical systems is second to none. Along with his hard work […]

Wet Stacking: The Effects & Prevention

Load bank testing your generator not only verifies system capability and performance, it also removes the excess, unburned fuel created by wet stacking.  Wet stacking is a condition that affects diesel engines and is caused by unburned fuel passing into the exhaust system. When diesel engines or generators are run under lightly loaded conditions, it […]

Benefits of Load Bank Testing your Generator

Your generator is relatively complicated and consists of a variety of systems. LionHeart is here to provide you with the benefits of load bank testing your generator. A regular generator service program should include tests and checks of the below systems.  If any of the above systems are not fully functioning, it will affect performance. […]

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President’s Messsage: CEAC

Check out the most recent news from the President of the Chief Engineers Association of Chicagoland. Lionheart is a proud event sponsor, and supporter of this great community.

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