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Our operation and maintenance strategies are designed to ensure year-round business continuity while providing optimum performance and longevity from your critical equipment.

Our maintenance practices and standard services are derived from manufacturer recommendations, customer requirements, and our extensive experience with a full spectrum of generator and automatic transfer switch applications.

​Visitation schedules, scopes of services, and planned testing are always customized to our clients’ applications, operations, and budgets.

LionHeart technicians are equipped with a full suite of the most recent digital tools which enables on-demand capabilities including unit repair history, unit manuals, detailed site logistics and more. This technology allows for immediate collaboration with our internal engineers, parts specialists and other experts that can assist in providing the most effective solution for your organization.

Emergency Generator

​LionHeart technicians and support personnel are equally talented with maintenance strategies for diesel, natural gas, propane, and gasoline-driven engines. With our diverse expertise you are gaining a service partner who has extensive knowledge of ALL generator manufacturers, applications, and configurations.

When engine or generator repairs or upgrades are needed, no company works smarter or harder than LionHeart to ensure flawless services in the shortest amount of time.

Switch Gear

LionHeart provides exemplary service on all manufacturers of paralleling switchgear. Our standard service is a combination inspection – maintenance – and testing plan designed to ensure proper operation of the entire system including breakers, load sharing modules, and synchronizers. LionHeart technicians will perform a mechanical inspection, an electrical inspection, clean, and perform a full-function test of the paralleling switchgear.

Breaker maintenance and protective relay calibration is, also, available through LionHeart.

Automatic Transfer Switch

LionHeart’s automatic transfer switch maintenance strategies are derived from the objective of minimizing a probability of failure and ensuring proper power transfers at all times. Our maintenance procedures stem from manufacturers’ recommendations as well as our own proven practices of avoiding failures and anomalies. LionHeart technicians are proficient with ATS replacements, controller modernization, and remote monitoring solutions.

Fire Pump Engine

Our preventative maintenance practice for diesel pump engines closely follows our proven guidelines of emergency standby generator engine maintenance. LionHeart technicians perform a comprehensive inspection of the engine as well as full maintenance including replacement of the oil, oil filters, and fuel filters. With approval, an operational test is performed to ensure the engine is operating properly.

More Services

  • Generator Purchase & Removal

    LionHeart can professionally de-commission, disconnect and remove your generator from the power distribution and mounting. The entire process is simple and streamlined. Call our generator purchasing team directly at 630.816.5288

  • Fluid Analysis

    We use a combination of advanced technology and experts to give our clients a comprehensive review of their fuel and coolant. We recommended that fluid analysis is performed during normally scheduled PM’s. Historical trending of this data can track the overall condition of the system, and provide insight to truly preventable repairs.

  • On-Site Training

    We offer free training to our clients, so you can be confident in the operation of your backup power system. We’ll also help you establish the best operating protocols and safety standards for your staff. Call us to schedule on-site training!

  • Code Compliant Reports and Checklists

    We provide code compliant reports and checklists for free to our customers, to ensure peace of mind.

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