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Rental generators

Why Rent a Generator?

For construction, industrial, or commercial applications, you’ll need reliable and optimum performance from your commercial power equipment. However, with these projects, there’s often a great deal of travel, set-up & take-down time which your company might not have a desire to deal with. For applications like these, we recommend utilizing LionHeart’s rental generator service. 

Your environment might also warrant a generator rental service. Disasters can strike at any time, so don’t find yourself stuck in a power-outage that can leave you vulnerable to lost data, work time, or security breaches. It’s important that rental generator equipment is fully tested to ensure proper operation. 

Choosing to rent a generator is often a less expensive, stress-free option. LionHeart power specialists can take care of initial site surveying, installation, and general maintenance of a rented generator to make sure you always have dependable energy 24/7. 

Let’s look at other benefits of renting a generator. 

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Benefits of Renting a Generator

Aside from the fact that renting a generator will cost you significantly less in start-up costs than a traditional purchase, there are many benefits of renting a generator you might not even be aware of. 

A few of these, include:
  • Availability Benefits – A power outage can cause a great deal of stress and they’re often unplanned, so having a rental unit on-hand can be incredibly useful. 
  • Rental Assistance – Choosing to rent a generator means that assistance is guaranteed. LionHeart partners with a network of rental generator providers that can assist you with any of your equipment needs. 
  • Stress-free delivery & Installation – Renting a generator, guarantees that you’ll receive constant and open communication with your rental generator provider. 
  • Sizing Assistance – With a consultation, your critical power specialist can help you to determine what size generator you’ll need to rent, so there’s no stress on your end. 
  • Limited Downtime Risk – Because rental equipment is fully tested to ensure proper operation, there is limited downtime risk, however if issues do arise, LionHeart guarantees rapid deployment of services and equipment
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Speak to an experienced member of LionHeart’s critical power specialist team to determine what rental option is best for you. We can work out rental cost, short-term/long-term rental options, or generator configuration options. 

Lionheart Critical Power Specialists are certified to handle all aspects of generators, so for any questions or concerns, set up a consultation today. 

Rent A Generator With Lionheart

Our maintenance practices and standard services are derived from manufacturer recommendations, client requirements, and our extensive experience with a full spectrum of generator and automatic transfer switch applications.

Visitation schedules, scopes of services, and planned testing are always customized to our clients’ applications, operations, and budgets. LionHeart technicians are equipped with a full suite of the most recent digital tools which enables on-demand capabilities including unit repair history, unit manuals, detailed site logistics and more.

This technology allows for immediate collaboration with our internal engineers, parts specialists and other experts that can assist in providing the most effective solution for your organization.

Here’s a look at the maintenance services that are offered for your rental generator:

  • Battery Testing
  • Lubrication service 
  • Cooling system 
  • Generator cleaning
  • Engine exercising 

Need a Hand with Your Rental Generator?

Our team of qualified and experienced technicians at LionHeart understand how important power is to you and we are here to help. With over 20 years of experience working in multiple industries, you can trust us to handle your rental generator with the utmost quality and care.  

Because LionHeart partners with a network of rental generators and has access to experienced and knowledgeable critical power estimator’s, we are able to offer competitive rental rates and provide top-quality client experience. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your rental generator.

Unmatched Expertise

We believe no organization should ever be at risk due to the failure of their critical power systems. LionHeart is the team you need for peace of mind.
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