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Generator Removal + Installation

Generator Removal and New Generator Installation

LionHeart Critical Power Specialists are the professional generator removal specialists to trust when a commercial generator needs to be removed and disposed of. We also provide comprehensive installation services of new units with industry-leading products. Partner with us for all of your emergency power generation needs.

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The Generator Removal Process

At LionHeart, our Field Service Engineers (FSEs) and subcontractors will complete the decommissioning and generator removal process from start to finish with efficiency. We determine the condition of the equipment, the potential resale value, and review the logistics of purchasing and removing the generator. LionHeart is continuously buying and selling generators of various brands, styles, and different price points.

 Most used commercial generators retain some residual value, and LionHeart works with partners in a variety of channels to sell and ship worldwide, ensuring you obtain top dollar for your used equipment. In rare cases, typically of a catastrophic engine failure, the generator set may only retain some scrap metal value. LionHeart staff will make this very clear during the initial phases of the removal process if this direction is what is necessary.

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How Do You Remove a Commercial Generator from a Building?

The generator removal process for standby emergency power generators will vary quite a bit based on location of the equipment within the building or facility. Some situations require the use of rigging equipment, cranes, temporary removal of plumbing, electrical, or other items.

A few steps to follow if you are considering generator removal: 

Step #1: Set up a consultation.
LionHeart will meet with you to determine the best course of action for decommissioning and removal, when necessary. 

Step #2: Decommissioning and generator removal process review.
Our team complete a comprehensive inspection of your commercial generator equipment to prepare for removal, including items such as:

  • Transformers and power supplies
  • Electrical wiring and components
  • Fuel tanks, oil, coolant, and other liquid tanks and holders
  • Data sourcing equipment

Step #3: Completing generator removal and shipping.
LionHeart will oversee the entire process, including coordinating of special equipment, removal, and hauling of your generator equipment. Sometimes a very tight installation will require complete disassembly of the backup generator in order to remove the equipment from the building. Regardless of the difficulty, LionHeart will utilize the right tools, the right people, and the right contractors to ensure the decommissioning and removal is performed correctly. 

We will also facilitate a smooth transition for your new generator installation.

Generator Installation

LionHeart is uniquely positioned within the emergency power generation industry in that we are an independent service provider not directly associated with a specific brand of equipment. No matter the customer brand preference or bid specification requirement, LionHeart can buy, sell, and ship any equipment brand including Caterpillar, Cummins, Kohler, MTU Onsite Energy, Generac, and all other brands.

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What is the Process to Install a New Commercial Generator?

We work within your budget constraints and will help you determine the outcomes of our multi-step generator installation process:

Step #1: Set up a consultation.
LionHeart has years of experience with new commercial generator installation and can answer your questions regarding the process. 

Step #2: Determine location and requirements.
Our team will document and create a strategy to complete your generator installation with the following factors in mind:

  • The installation location of the new backup generator.
  • Level of sound attenuation desired.
  • Equipment configuration necessary.
  • Ancillary devices desired such as integration to a building automatic system, new automatic transfer switches, and more.

Step #3: Secure final details and install.
Once the appropriate equipment is determined and ordered, LionHeart staff will coordinate the installation of the new commercial generator by obtaining the required documentation, involving construction contractors (concrete, electrical, masonry, mechanical, riggers, etc.), and completing start-up commissioning to ensure that the equipment all operates as intended.
LionHeart will work directly with building staff throughout the process to ensure the down-time of equipment load is minimized or eliminated.

How Long Does a Commercial Generator Typically Last?

Life expectancy of a commercial generator depends on several factors including, natural gas or diesel, brand, preventative maintenance practices, environment which the backup generator(s) are installed in, and regional operation information.

Most commercial generators will easily last 25 – 35 years of reliable standby operation. Some facilities, such as data centers or hospitals, will choose to replace equipment sooner than normal life expectancy so that equipment dependability is maximized. Particularly sensitive equipment such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) can sometimes require more modern controls and precise, clean, voltage output from the standby generator, so replacement may be necessary to accommodate these critical loads.

The availability of repair parts is what normally dictates the lifespan of a commercial generator. When a key component, such as a generator end, control board, or major engine part fails and is determined obsolete by the OEM, repair of the equipment may not be reasonably possible. This could require replacement of the emergency generator set.

Contact LionHeart for Generator Removal and New Generator Installation 

LionHeart’s knowledge and expertise of generator removal services, and new generator installation, are always aligned with exceeding industry standards.

We complete turn-key processes by working with your facility staff to determine your building requirements for a new generator source. Our staff will determine the easiest process to remove existing equipment, procure the new generator source, modify building systems as needed to accommodate the new commercial generator, and ensure temporary power generation equipment is provided during the replacement process, until your new state-of-the-art generator is installed.

To receive services, contact us online, send us an email at, or call 844-LHPOWER (844-547-6937).

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