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Data Centers Backup Generator Maintenance

Why Do I Need Data Center Generator Maintenance?

Data centers direct and store critical pieces of information that must be protected 24/7/365. The channels that house our data are just as susceptible to utility outages as anywhere else. While many centers have battery backups and other fail-safes in place, they may only function to a certain threshold.

A backup generator provides the necessary support when outages occur that would otherwise stop data in its tracks. Data center generator maintenance can help your backup generators live a long life, instead of failing at critical moments, which would comprise data and potentially the security of private or personal information.

LionHeart Critical Power Specialists will protect your units from failure, helping to prolong their lives. We advise you to operate with, at minimum, an annual maintenance schedule, but recommend semi-annual or quarterly maintenance, depending on your unit.

The Risks of Not Servicing Data Center Backup Generators  

Data center generator maintenance is an investment that can save you time, money, and hassle in the long run. By not maintaining your units, you run the risk of depleting their lifespans and running into issues that can be difficult to overcome, such as: 

  • Engine oil and filter media breakdown
  • Wet stacking in diesel engines
  • Leaking
  • Wearing of the block heater
  • Sputtering and stalls
  • Fuel tank leaking

There are two main raw materials that assist backup generator operation:

  • Fuel (diesel, natural gas)
  • Electricity

Both can be harmful if not used correctly. With improper handling in broken or malfunctioning generators, your staff could be exposed to serious injury via carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, electric shocks, fire, or burns.

At LionHeart, our technicians are trained and certified to handle maintenance, repair, and replacement of components within your backup generators. Work with our team today and we will meet your unique service needs.

How Often is Data Center Generator Maintenance Needed?

Generators can last many years with ongoing maintenance that is completed by a professional technician. A regular data center generator maintenance schedule will help you avoid leaks, expensive part replacements, and a lack of security during an outage. 

Determining how often you have maintenance performed should be based on the characteristics of your unit.

Consider a few factors about your backup generator when determining a maintenance schedule:

  • Age
  • Condition
  • Specific issue
  • Environment
  • Application

We often recommend PM1 generator services for our clients. This type of maintenance includes quarterly or semi-annual inspections of the generator set, controls, and enclosure. Our Critical Power Specialists will top off engine fluids and will alert you to any minor issues so you can avoid costly repairs in the future.

What Type of Maintenance Needs to Be Completed for Data Center Backup Generators?

Data centers can be busy work sites for technical professionals, and are susceptible to considerable use. They also have specific requirements for testing and maintenance that must be documented and performed to remain compliant.

For units that run less than 50 hours each year, PM2 maintenance, which is generally scheduled annually, may be suitable.

Our technicians will perform an inspection, oil change, oil and fuel filter replacement, and can provide oil, coolant, and diesel fuel samples if requested. A PM2 should also include a semi-annual inspection to find and review any possible issues that may have occurred during the year. While onsite, our team will offer guidance for any repairs that are found necessary.

A few of the maintenance practices LionHeart provides during a PM2, include:

  • Battery testing
  • Lubrication service
  • Cooling system
  • Generator cleaning
  • Engine exercising

LionHeart also offers load bank testing to ensure your generator is operating effectively. This type of data center generator service will test the systems within your unit.

With a routine maintenance plan that fits your unique needs, your data center will be protected when (not if) utility power fails.  

Need a Hand with Your Data Center's Generator?

Don’t leave your data center vulnerable. With general maintenance from LionHeart Critical Power Specialists, you receive a commitment to keeping your generators ready to function at the most critical times. We have more than 20 years of industry experience with a dedicated team of technicians that will work with you to create a personalized maintenance plan. To set up a schedule or for more information, contact us, today! 

Over 60% of LionHeart Technicians are EGSA Certified

LionHeart is proud to be a part of the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA). With over 60% of our technicians being certified, they are able to offer qualified and experienced insight that no other power specialist service can match. In addition, our technicians have training beyond the factory and are able to provide a more technical focus to our clients.

Interested in joining our team of EGSA certified technicians? LionHeart offers training and study sessions to future technicians with a passion for electrical and mechanical engineering. You’ll work with our field experts and engage in industry leading practices, innovative new technology, and extensive project solutions.

If you’re ready to get EGSA certified and join the LionHeart family, visit our career page!

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