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LionHeart celebrates 25 Years in Power
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Two LionHeart service trucks parked in the night time

Factors that Determine Radiator Replacement Cost

How Much Does a New Radiator Cost? Radiators are an important part of any commercial or industrial building’s emergency power system, providing cooling to the generator’s engine. The issue with ...
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technician trucks Lionheart

LionHeart Expert Technicians EGSA Certified

LionHeart is proud to be a part of the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA). With most of our expert technicians being EGSA certified, they can offer qualified and experienced insight ...
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monty family 1

Meet Monty, Commercial Generator Expert

With a background in commercial generators and over thirty years of sales experience, Monty can mix it up with building engineers, property managers, office staff and field service engineers without ...
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indy work truck service

Elevator Modernization with EM Power + Transfer Switches

LionHeart Is an industry expert with Elevator Modernization projects as they relate to integrating Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) controls for Emergency Power Operation. We want to help your team avoid ...
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forklift trailer service generators

Meet Andrea, Field Service Team Lead & Shop Manager

If there is one person who is the backbone of LionHeart, look no further than the leader of the shop, Andrea Schultz.  Andrea’s work ethic is second to none, bringing ...
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new website announcement

Commercial Generator Experts Launch New Website

LionHeart Critical Power Specialists, a leading commercial generator service provider, is proud to announce the launch of their newly redesigned website. The new site has been designed to focus on ...
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close up view of yellow generator from over a man's shoulder

Commercial Generator Maintenance

Commercial generators, just like your car or truck, all have engine and electronics that require regular maintenance, regardless of how often they’re used. Regular commercial generator maintenance is imperative to ensuring ...
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man giving a presentation behind a table with a grey protective suit

Closing out 2020 with Clean Safety Record

We are proud to be closing out 2020 with a clean safety record. “LionHeart values the safety of our employees above all else. Nothing is more important than our FSEs ...
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selfie of a masked lionheart employee giving a thumbs up

Commercial Generator Repair with Field Service Engineer, Mike

When it comes to commercial generator repair and complex engine difficulty one of your first calls should always be to Field Service Engineer (FSE) Mike, who has 42 years of ...
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