Control Panel Retrofits

The main components of a generator package such as the engine and alternator can last decades for a generator in an emergency standby application due to infrequent usage and low engine hours. This is typically not the case when it comes to the generator controls. Though typically reliable, older controllers may exhibit signs of age by failing slowly and intermittently. As any engineer can tell you, intermittent issues can be difficult and expensive to find, and they can significantly reduce system reliability.

Even in cases where the generator control panel is deemed reliable, many clients choose to upgrade for the many enhanced features the newer, microprocessor-based controllers can offer. With over 100 generator control panel retrofit projects successfully completed, LionHeart made the decision to standardize on the Basler DGC-2020, Digital Generator Control system. The main reason for LionHeart’s standardization (along with the list below) is the “non-proprietary software” called BESTCOMSPlus.

Most generator set manufacturers develop and install their own “proprietary software” which enables the manufacturer to control who can work on the equipment. LionHeart strongly supports the Right to Repair act legislation that is moving across the country. This legislation has been in the works for many years, but we believe it will be many more years until it governs generator set manufacturers. The Basler Control system’s non-proprietary software allows anyone to download the Basler software from their website. This allows you or your preferred service vendor to adjust, troubleshoot and repair any Basler control panel issues.

  • Intuitive BESTCOMSPlus® software simplifies setup with easy settings entry and simple drag-and-drop programmable logic (reducing the cost and commissioning time).
  • Microprocessor-based controller integrates a function-packed, easy-to-use feature set with a fully configurable programmable logic controller to reduce installation costs by eliminating peripheral components and maximizing user flexibility to easily meet specific requirements.
  • Extremely rugged, potted design and industry-leading temperature, vibration, and shock specifications make the DGC-2020 optimal for harsh genset applications.
  • The Offline Simulator in BESTlogic™Plus helps identify and troubleshoot the logic without the expensive need for physical hardware.
  • NFPA-110 compliance with the RDP-110 (Remote Display Panel) simplifies emergency standby applications.
  • Low-line, single-phase, alternate-frequency override functions make it ideal for rental and reconfigurable genset applications. The DGC-2020 lowers user cost by automatically adjusting to typical rental and reconfigurable setups without additional costly switches or operator intervention, including genset protection level adjustment.
  • Integrated mains fail detection provides the user a cost effective alternative when selecting transfer switches.
  • Flexible programmable logic and programmable I/O make it easy to expand the DGC-2020’s inputs and outputs with the CEM-2020 (Contact Expansion Module) and the AEM-2020 (Analog Expansion Module). You will save time and money by eliminating unnecessary external PLCs and control relaying.
  • Easy integration of the LSM-2020 (Load Share Module) to the DGC-2020 quickly adds additional functionality to the system for intuitive load sharing, demand control, genset sequencing, and Ethernet capabilities for a seamless paralleled system.

In many cases, clients choose to budget for replacements well in advance of the actual project taking place. If you are interested in generator control panel replacement for any reason, please allow LionHeart to present you with a quality option that will both reduce your costs and your down-time.

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