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LionHeart celebrates 25 Years in Power
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Meet our Leadership Team

The LionHeart difference is our team members. We believe that creating outstanding results for our clients, begins with happy team members. Our leadership team is committed to providing our personnel with the benefits, training, equipment and support required to deliver unparalleled service that helps its clients achieve peace of mind. 

smiling employee looking at the camera in a lionheart baseball hat

Don Ritter, Owner

ken 1

Ken Lenhart, Owner

Vice President, Software Solutions
smiling employee in glasses and grey polo

Mike Hunter, Owner

Vice President, Sales
man in white shirt smiling at the camera

Pete Stunkard, Owner

Vice President, Operations
smiling employee in black quarter-zip lionheart sweater

Aaron Marquardt

Client Experience Director
smiling woman in black dress

Dawn Ritter

Financial Solutions Manager
smiling employee

Andy Kolls

Technical Solutions Manager
smiling employee in blue nike lionheart polo

Cliff Hunter

Sales Manager
smiling female employee in lionheart vest

JeaNae Remala

smiling employee in black lionheart button down

Jon Repp

Business Solutions Manager
woman in tawny v-neck sweater looking slightly to the right of the camera

Laurie Bulow

Logistics Solutions Manager
smiling woman in a black blouse

Sara Burcheri

Employee Success Manager
Benita Schulte

Benita Schulte

Client Solutions Manager

With 70+ employees, all LionHeart team members embody the 'Be the Lion' Core Values


  • We take pride in our work, delivering dependable, reliable and exceptional value to our clients.
  • We hold ourselves and our trade partners to the highest set of ethical standards, and never compromise on quality.


  • We face challenges head on, never becoming complacent.
  • We proactively adapt to changes in our environment, maintaining our leadership position in the marketplace and our promise of providing the highest level of expert service to our clients.
  • Our work is never done.


  • We hold ourselves personally responsible and accountable for all services provided by LionHeart.
  • We believe that the highest level of responsibility is achieved when individuals are trained and empowered to utilize all their skills, ability and creative spirit to assist our clients.

We are ONE.

  • We respect, encourage and care for every member of our team.
  • When a client chooses LionHeart, we sincerely honor our promise to be reliable members of their team, and to treat them as a member of ours.
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