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Automatic Transfer Switch Retrofit

LionHeart Critical Power Specialists has a team of experts to update and repair automatic transfer switches for large-scale power generators. Your Automatic Transfer Switches (ATSs) work 24 hours per day, 365 days per year monitoring the availability and quality of the primary power source feeding your facility (typically local utility power). Should the primary source fail or the quality fall below acceptable limits, your automatic transfer switch will start the emergency source (generator), verify the generator’s power quality, and transfer load from the primary source to the emergency source. After transferring to the emergency source, the automatic transfer switch monitors the quality of, both, primary and emergency sources. Once your primary source has met all quality and reliability standards, the automatic transfer switch will automatically transfer back to the primary power source and shut down the generator. Although automatic transfer switches are built with reliability in mind, the components do not last forever. They are built with electro/mechanical components which must be replaced due to age, condition, or parts obsolescence. This replacement if often accomplished by removing the entire transfer switch (including the enclosure) and replacing it with an entirely new one. Due to the overall reduction in size of new ATSs due to technology advancements, you can be faced with a significant replacement project which requires the installation of new conduit and wire. As you can imagine, this can be expensive and come with significant downtime. Over many years, LionHeart’s EGSA certified Field Service Engineers (FSEs) have developed and refined the ability to retrofit automatic transfer switches (instead replacing the entire enclosure). Our FSEs utilize the existing ATSs electrical enclosure, conduit and wiring by simply replacing the power panel (the switch assembly) and the control panel. This approach results in significant savings of money and down-time. If an Automatic Transfer Switch has been identified for replacement by the LionHeart team, the following process will take place:
  • FSE develops a recommendation for replacement. This is typically accomplished during the annual maintenance service.
  • A LionHeart estimator from the Project Solutions Team reviews the project and calls the client to review the recommendation along with offering budgetary pricing. This pricing is based on the hundreds of ATS retrofits we have completed.
  • If our client is interested in pursuing the project, an engineering visit will be performed to ensure a detailed method of procedure is developed for the replacement and the associated costs are fine-tuned and accurate.
  • If approved, both the Project Manager and Logistics Team will work hand-in-hand with the client to ensure a seamless and problem-free project.
LionHeart’s Automatic Transfer Switch Repair + Retrofit Program Goals:
  • Reduce costs to the client
  • Reduce down-time during the replacement
  • Increase system reliability and functionality
  • Present the retrofitted ATS “as new”
In many cases, clients choose to budget for replacements well in advance of the actual project taking place. If you are interested in automatic transfer switch replacement(s) for any reason and would like to consider the retrofit option, please allow LionHeart to present you with this option to reduce your costs and your down-time.
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