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LionHeart celebrates 25 Years in Power
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Repair Services

Commercial Generator Repair Experts

Our commercial generator maintenance strategies are designed to ensure year-round business continuity while providing optimum performance + longevity from your backup power systems.


Automatic Transfer Switch Services

LionHeart's automatic transfer switch service strategies are derived from the objective of minimizing power failure by ensuring proper power transfers at all times. Our service procedures stem from manufacturer recommendations as well as our own practices of avoiding failures.

Paralleling Switchgear Services

Our paralleling switchgear services offer a combination of inspection, maintenance and testing to ensure proper operation of the entire backup power system. This includes breakers, load sharing modules and synchronizers.

Commercial Generator Services

LionHeart technicians and support personnel offers diverse expertise in maintenance strategies for all backup power manufacturers. We ensure you aren’t left in the dark and your generators stay up and running.

Fire Pump Services

Fire pumps and the electric motors or diesel engines that drive them are the heart of a facility’s sprinkler system. Our fire pump services provide regular fire pump maintenance to keep fire pumps in prime operating condition for when they are absolutely needed.

Take a look at some of our commercial and industrial repairs

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Featured Projects

Remote Monitoring + Control

Our remote monitoring and control solutions provides you with automated monitoring and control that allows you to have real-time situational awareness of battery voltage, fuel tank level and readiness of every aspect of your generator(s).

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Project Solutions

Permanent Load Bank Installation

Load Bank Installation Permanent Load Bank Installation For professional load ...
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Project Solutions

Leak Detection Equipment Installations

Leak Detection Equipment Installation Fuel leak detection equipment is installed ...
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Project Solutions

Radiator Replacement

LionHeart will handle all aspects of radiator replacement, no matter the situation required. Radiator replacement procedures vary based on installation location within the facility and ...
generator install
Project Solutions

Generator Removal + Installation

When a commercial generator needs to be removed and disposed of, LionHeart will determine the condition of the equipment, the potential resale value, and review ...

Name a brand, we work with them.

We take training beyond the factory

Right Tech, Right Job

Our skills-based dispatch system, along with access to detailed unit records allows us to match your needs with the right experts.

Instant Access to Critical Info

Our team has instant access to your unit information, previous work orders and detailed site logistics from anywhere, providing you with the highest quality service during an emergency backup power situation.

your power experts

Taking it beyond factory training, our technicians are EGSA certified and our internal experts are trained to ensure your generators are up and running, even during a power outage.
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