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847.291.1413 24/7 Emergency Number
info@LHCPS.com Drop us a line anytime
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Our Team Has One Goal - Exceed Your Expectations

Combining our advanced processes with empathy for each client, we create outstanding results.

Our Unmatched Service Gives You Peace of Mind

Trusting in our team for your critical power needs means reduced risk and access to the very best in the industry.

Our Vision

We believe that no organization should ever be at risk due to the failure of their critical power systems.

Our Team
Unmatched Service
Our Vision

Generator Repair Experts

Our operation and maintenance strategies are designed to ensure year-round business continuity while providing optimum performance and longevity from your critical power systems.

Emergency Generator Services

No company works smarter or harder than LionHeart to ensure flawless services…

Paralleling Switchgear Services

LionHeart technicians will perform a mechanical and electrical inspection…

Automatic Transfer Switch Services

LionHeart technicians are proficient with ATS replacements…

Firepump Engine Services

LionHeart technicians perform a comprehensive inspection of the engine…

Right Tech, Right Job
A skills-based dispatch system, along with access to detailed unit records allows us to match your needs with the right experts.
Instant Access to Critical Info
Your unit information, previous work orders, compatible part types, and detailed site logistics are instantly available, from anywhere. This is crucial in providing you the highest quality service in an emergency situation.
On-Site Expertise
Internal experts and field engineers can quickly collaborate to create solutions for your specific equipment through our cloud based communication system.


As an independent service provider, LionHeart has a distinct advantage when working on projects that require knowledge of multiple systems, or custom components. We can choose the proper equipment from endless suppliers, based on your needs. Our project solutions team is trained to design solutions that fit your budget, while always keeping long term reliability a priority.

Our Clients Say

"​We are so thankful for the quick response and correspondence LionHeart provided to us in our emergency. It was a pleasure working with LionHeart and I would highly suggest your services to anyone who is in dire need!"

Facilities Management CustomerChicago, Il.
​​"I have been very impressed with LionHeart's service and maintenance practices for the last 5 years. I am also very impressed with the account management services, If all of my accounts were handled the way LionHeart handles them, my job would be simple."
Health Care Facility CustomerBelvidere, Il.
"​I don’t know if there’s any way we could be more satisfied. Friendly service, on time, great documentation, I would attribute the good condition of the equipment to the high level of PM work that LionHeart provides."
Health Care Facility CustomerJoliet, IL.
"I can not stress enough the appreciation that I have for our LionHeart tech and his dedication to not only LionHeart, but also his personal concern for individual customer service. In this day and age, it is not only difficult to find someone who has the extraordinary qualifications that he possesses, but also to find someone with his dedication to customer service. He is truly amazing."
Facilities Management CustomerDowners Grove, Il
"The LHCPS Team has very dedicated employees and the technician's knowledge base is commendable!"
Health Care Facility CustomerChicago, Il.
"The LionHeart Team showed up and everything went very smooth, like it should. I wish I would have been using LionHeart for a long time The paperwork was excellent and every bit of data I needed was presented to me in a very professional manner. I look forward to getting the rest of my P.M. work done in the near future."
Health Care Facility CustomerChicago, Il.
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