Paralleling Switchgear Maintenance

Paralleling Switchgear Maintenance is a comprehensive overview and inspection of the cubicles and controls within the switchgear. Each paralleling switchgear system is unique in the way they are designed and how they operate. LionHeart Field Service Engineers (FSEs) see dozens of paralleling switchgear systems every year and our technicians have a uniquely trained eye for identifying potential problems and reflecting on past experience at other facilities. LionHeart FSEs can also calibrate gauges on the switchgear so your facility engineers are recording accurate data for the run logs kept at the facility.

Depending on the brand and variety of equipment installed within your paralleling switchgear lineup, LionHeart will involve any necessary subcontractors for testing of circuit breakers or protective relays. We will turnkey the entire service to make sure the system is maintained to the highest level.

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Why is it important?

Your paralleling switchgear acts as the brains of the operation and is responsible for communicating to all of the generators and most often the transfer switches downstream. As the brains of the system, the switchgear is responsible for receiving remote start signals from the automatic transfer switches, commanding generators to start, monitoring generator output voltage and sine wave synchronous, automatically closing circuit breakers to allow generators to parallel after they come into synchronization. Switchgear’s also monitor system load and manage electrical load on each generator, as well as shutting down generators to optimize fuel efficiency and engine performance with varying load levels.

One of your largest investments and most critical system components is the Paralleling Switchgear system and LionHeart has the ability to help you maintain this equipment and verify proper operation.

How often should it be maintained?

Switchgear Maintenance is recommended to be performed on an annual basis, often times in conjunction with annual load bank testing and circuit breaker maintenance / protective relay maintenance. Coordinating with other LionHeart services allows more thorough testing of the paralleling switchgear equipment.

Sometimes this work can span multiple days, depending on the amount of devices and equipment located within the paralleling switchgear lineup; LionHearts Logistics Team will work to coordinate a schedule for performing this maintenance to minimize disruptions at your facility while the maintenance is being performed.

LionHearts Switchgear Process

LionHeart FSEs perform Paralleling Switchgear Maintenance by inspecting racking mechanisms for circuit breakers, lubrication of linkages, circuit breaker maintenance (as an additional option), and protective relay maintenance (as an additional option).

Technicians will inspect the following:

  • Voltmeters
  • Ammeters
  • Kilowatt meters
  • Frequency gauges
  • Sync lights (if equipped)
  • Connections
  • Fuses
  • Wiring
  • Batteries
  • Indicator lamps
  • Bus detail
  • Air filters, and much more
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Inspecting for corrosion, loose connections, hot spots, and other abnormal conditions that may not yet be affecting system operation is crucial to ensuring reliable operation throughout the years.

The technicians will also perform complete system function test, if allowed, to ensure that all synchronization and control systems work as designed. If possible, technicians will test alarms and protections of the switchgear system. We will also clean switchgear enclosure, cubicles, and bus detail (if accessible and de-energized).

Paralleling Switchgear systems typically have station batteries and battery chargers to allow the circuit breakers and devices to function even during a power outage or interruption in service. Maintaining these batteries is often overlooked since they are frequently of NiCd construction will last much longer than the engine starting batteries for the generators. These batteries do require frequent maintenance to include topping off the water level, cleaning the cell connections, and applying a grease to the connection terminals which will help prevent future corrosion on the terminals. LionHeart FSEs will also torque connections on the cells or measure voltage drop across the connections to verify that significant voltages are not measured, which could indicate a poor connection point.

Our service is designed to preemptively identify any potential points of failure and proactively address these items to ensure further damage to the switchgear and building loads does not take place. Following the Paralleling Switchgear service, LionHeart’s team will urgently address any repair recommendations that are entered into the system so that your equipment can be repaired as quickly as possible.

Unmatched Expertise

We believe no organization should ever be at risk due to the failure of their critical power systems. LionHeart is the team you need for peace of mind.

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