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Benefits of Load Bank Testing your Generator

Benefits of Load Bank Testing your Generator

Your generator is relatively complicated and consists of a variety of systems. LionHeart is here to provide you with the benefits of load bank testing your generator. A regular generator service program should include tests and checks of the below systems. 

numbered diagram of a generator
list of generator components

If any of the above systems are not fully functioning, it will affect performance. Not only does it affect performance, but it may inhibit your generators ability to operate and produce the electrical energy you count on when it needs it the most.

Many facilities are required by code or law to load test their generator on an annual basis. But if your facility is not required, then why test and invest the money?

The answer is straight forward. Most generators are lightly loaded which means the various systems shown above are only operating at a portion of their capability. All engineers and mechanics can confirm that not exercising a mechanical device through its full range of motion can result in sticking, binding or failure when called upon to perform at its full capability.

Why should you connect a load bank to the output of your generator?

Connecting a load bank to the output of your generator exercises and verifies system performance at levels well above what normal, weekly or monthly testing is able to produce.  It also allows our highly trained and EGSA certified FSEs (Field Service Engineers) to monitor and evaluate functionality and performance.  Another benefit is that it greatly increases the chances of discovering a fault or weakness under controlled conditions versus experiencing a failure, in the time of need.

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