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Meet Monty, Commercial Generator Expert

Meet Monty, Commercial Generator Expert

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With a background in commercial generators and over thirty years of sales experience, Monty can mix it up with building engineers, property managers, office staff and field service engineers without skipping a beat. Now focusing on big projects at LionHeart such as commercial generator installations, Monty has really hit his stride as an Enterprise Sales Specialist.

If you are looking for the most kind, gentle and caring man in the LionHeart universe look no further than Monty. He makes you feel welcome no matter what the occasion. Whether it be your first day at LionHeart, an FSE appreciation event or a client golf outing, nobody can make every person he encounters feel important than Monty can. 

Take a trip down memory lane with the 2019 HERO Award winner:

What did you think you were going to do when you were growing up?

I grew up at the drag strip. I always thought fast cars and engines would be part of my future. Racing turned out to be much more expensive than I imaged, so that plan ended quickly. While fast cars weren’t really my future, engines certainly turned out to be.  

What did you do after high school?

I joined the Navy with a plan to stay in for 25 years and then retire. From there I graduated top of the class in all of my training courses and was fortunate to be able to pick my duty station. I chose San Diego and was stationed there the entire time. My role in the Navy was that of a Sonar Technician on a surface ship. Our team’s function was to identify underwater targets (submarines). My specific duty was to maintain and operate the equipment which fired torpedoes at the targets. One highlight of my career was a West Pacific tour where I went to Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Hawaii. After 4 years of service, I left the Navy and returned to civilian life. 

Where did you go next?

I obtained a job at Waukesha Pierce Industries in Houston performing ‘make-readies’ for commercial generators. During my time here I prepared the generators for installation and assisted technicians with modifications and preliminary testing. I, also, spent several months working on engines in the West Texas oil fields which was brutal! While I was an excellent right-hand man for the mechanics and electricians, it became apparent I was not destined to be a technician. I much preferred interacting with the customers and ensuring they were pleased with the services and communications.

How did you find yourself at LionHeart?

While working in the oil fields, I saved as much money as possible. I left the job to attend the University of Houston and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business. I moved to Chicago after graduating in 1996. I was hired by Illini Power here in Chicago selling maintenance contracts for generators (perfect fit!). Next, I went to Inland Detroit Diesel (now Interstate Power). I worked for Pete Stunkard (a LionHeart founder). In 1999, Pete left Inland to form LionHeart with the other owners. After LionHeart was formed and beginning to grow, Pete and the LionHeart owners offered me a position as an Account Executive. I was the second person hired in the company, so I have truly witnessed LionHeart’s growth from the very beginning.

How has your role at LionHeart changed over time?
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I have held 3 different roles here at LionHeart. Regardless of my job title – my goal was consistent: to deliver the best possible partnership and service experience for our valuable clients. I started as an “Account Executive” with the objective of securing new clients through maintenance contracts. I, then, moved into the office and became the “Client Solutions Manager” with the objective building a world-class customer service program. After 2 years, I transitioned to a newly created position: “Enterprise Sales”. I currently assist LionHeart clients with larger projects: a perfect fit for my experience and level of care.

What was your favorite project to work on over the past year?

The most rewarding project in 2021 was the Mitutoyo generator replacement project. It required strategic planning across all departments and resulted in a very fulfilling project for us all (despite the challenges of replacing a rooftop generator in between snowstorms in February). That project got the year kicked off on a positive note, and we have completed 4 commercial generator replacements since.  It’s amazing what this team can do, and we just keep getting better!

What have you done to help promote and sell LionHeart?

My most impactful achievement was connecting LionHeart with the Chief Engineers Association of Chicagoland. The CEAC is another incredible group of people, and the symbiotic relationship is a win-win for individual Chief Engineers and the LionHeart team alike. On a personal note: the pinnacle of my career was when the CEAC board members voted me as the Associate Member of the Year for 2014 and 2015.  An honor I strive to live up to daily.

How has LionHeart changed over the past 20 years?

LionHeart is ever evolving and changing. Looking back on the early days, we were such a small group. I vividly recall the days when there were 4 people in the office and 4 technicians on the road doing everything possible to get the venture off the ground while competing with the huge Caterpillar, Cummins, Kohler, and Generac distributors. Fast forward 20 years and we have 83 people who are the best in the business and leading the industry due to the innovative thinking and strategic hiring by our ownership and management team.

Here’s what the LionHeart team is saying about Monty:

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Monty for the past 25 years. Monty is intensely customer driven. No matter how big or small the account, Monty is always looking out for the best interest of his customer. I’ve never worked with someone that pays so much attention to detail. It’s been an honor to work alongside Monty and an even bigger honor to call him a friend. 

– Jack Walsh, LionHeart Parts Specialist

Monty’s dedication to LionHeart and the customer experience is unsurpassed.  He always looks out for the best interest of everyone involved to ensure everything is taken care of properly.  His knowledge, attention to detail, and ability to communicate to his audience have made him successful at achieving positive results. Monty truly cares for everyone, customers, and team members alike, and they love the “Monty experience.” 

– Jon Repp, LionHeart Business Solutions Manager

I have never met anyone so dedicated in providing our customers with the best level of service around the clock.  Monty goes above and beyond in everything that he does, and continually makes LionHeart look great and has been instrumental in our growth.  We are extremely lucky to have Monty on our team!

– Cliff Hunter, LionHeart Sales Manager
What did it mean for you to win the LionHeart HERO award?

Being presented with the HERO award validated all the hard work and passion I have for this company. I constantly strive to be Honorable, Evolving, Responsible, and One with the team, and to have the LionHeart family confirm my efforts was, literally, eye-watering for me in the moment… a feeling of pride right up there with the Chief Engineers Association’s award. I absolutely love this company and how meaningful it has been to my career, my family, and my personal growth.


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