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Elevator Modernization with EM Power + Transfer Switches

Elevator Modernization with EM Power + Transfer Switches

LionHeart Is an industry expert with Elevator Modernization projects as they relate to integrating Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) controls for Emergency Power Operation. We want to help your team avoid setbacks which often occur at the end of a Modernization project by providing technical assistance at the project inception and ensuring smooth integration.

3 Requirements are needed for Elevators to Operate when Connecting to ATSs

1. Automatic Transfer Switch Position Contacts

Commonly referred to as “EM Power” signal. The most required contact is: Open in Normal Position” and Closed in “EM Position”.

  • This contact closes to send a signal to the elevator controller indicating the ATS is in the EM position
  • The elevator controller will the operate its cars in a specific programmed sequence
  • Most common sequence: all cars will run, but only one car at any time

2. Automatic Transfer Switch Pre-Signal Contacts

Commonly referred to as “Pre-Transfer” signal. The most required contact is: “Normally Opened” and “Closed on Pre-Signal”.

  • This closes for a predetermined length of time and signals the elevator controller a transfer of source is pending
  • This time delay must be long enough to allow the elevator to park and open doors prior to a transfer
  • Pre-signal only comes into play when both sources are available (testing from “Normal” to “EM” and back, or re-transfers from “EM” to “Normal” following an outage)
  • The contact opens after the transfer is complete. The signal tells the elevator controller to resume its operation based on the position of the ATS

3. The Two Signals from the ATS must have Separate Contacts for each Elevator Group

  • The separate groups have separate power supplies and cannot share contacts from group to group
  • Each signal contact must be dedicated to the group controller(s) it signals

Contact your LionHeart experts when you have project-specific questions during development of a project scope OR if your team needs training or education to ensure successful Elevator Modernization projects. Our EGSA Field Service Engineers are here to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your critical power needs.


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