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Estimate your Critical Power Equipment Repair with Tim

Estimate your Critical Power Equipment Repair with Tim

Estimate your critical power equipment repair with Tim, the winner of LionHeart’s Estimator of the Year for the past 4 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge to each project he is assigned. Whether your repair is small or complex, Tim’s level of detail is unmatched. He strives for excellence daily, evaluating client needs from several angles while considering the full history of the equipment.

Tim is truly an asset to LionHeart and the Project Solutions Team. Tim recently hit his ten-year anniversary since joining LionHeart and reflects on his journey below.

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What sort of educational background and early work experience do you have? Did any experience early on help in your role at LionHeart?

I have an associates degree in General Science with continuing education in Electronics at McHenry County College. My early work experience was as an electrical technician that performed troubleshooting on electronic equipment. I worked my way up to product design engineer. My electronic testing and troubleshooting skills help me immensely in my current position at LionHeart.

How did you hear about LionHeart?

I first heard about Lionheart while bowling in a league with Don, Dawn, Jim and his wife, Kim. In 2008, the company I worked for during the 23 years prior decided to relocate to Texas. A family decision was made to stay in Woodstock, so that left me looking for a job. In 2010, I was working as a contract engineer for my previous employer and Don called asking if I was interested in LionHeart. I was hired as a project estimator which I remain today. 

You’ve won the estimator of year at LionHeart for 4 years in a row, what helped you accomplish that?

Learning and understanding my position every day and interacting with clients. I treat them as a partner in our common goal to maintain their equipment. I have found most of our clients like being involved in the process of planning and completing the repair. There are many factors to completing a repair project, some budgetary and some concerning the everyday operation of the facility. I try to deal with as many considerations early in the process so all the details can be ironed out.

Even though your job title is estimator, it seems like your role typically morphs into a Project Manager. What do you like about the challenges of a big project?

I truly enjoy the challenges of a big project involving many of LionHeart’s team members and love when the client is satisfied with the results. Our Field Service Engineers are the best in the business. I like to manage all aspects of a project so that it can run smoothly. There are many moving pieces from logistics, parts, legal and permits involved with a big project.

What was your favorite project you worked on recently? What were some of the challenges?

The Hinsdale Hospital Switchgear retrofit project was a recent favorite because aspects of the project were changing daily. Working with Rob Plane, a former EGSA Technician of the Year, is always a treat. It was satisfying that the project engineer could easily communicate to me the scope challenges in the project and be confident they would be handled correctly and expediently.

What are some modern upgrades that clients with older equipment should consider?

Clients should consider generator controller upgrades, ATS controller upgrades, full ATS replacements and generator paralleling switch-gear upgrades. These increase the lifespan of generators or ATSs. It also allows them to integrate their generator and ATS into more technologically advanced building automation systems. In addition to routine maintenance, clients should regularly examine their equipment, check fluid levels, and exercise their generator and automatic transfer switches.

What is important for new estimators to understand when they get into this line of work?

It is extremely important for an estimator to fully comprehend the recommended repair and the background of the equipment. By asking all the right questions, you get a better feel for it and can understand the client’s needs better. The quote must accurately convey to the client the proposed repair. Communicating to the client and field service engineer exactly what needs to be done to successfully complete the repair is of upmost importance.

You just hit your ten-year LionHeart anniversary. How much has changed at LionHeart?

The implementation of the new software operating system has been the greatest and most beneficial change at Lionheart. Everything flows from department to department better. Since I’ve started, the growth has been exponential in every way. I believe I was employee number 20 when I started, and we have almost four times that now. We have increased our presence in the market as a premier generator service provider. I’m very proud to be part of the LionHeart family.

Here’s what our team members are saying about Tim:

Tim’s attention to detail when managing and reviewing large projects is impeccable. He makes sure everything is in order and it is ready when it gets to our team. I know this takes more time up front, but it saves so much time at the end of the project. I love having Tim on our team!

Renee Huff, Financial Solutions Team Lead

Tim’s ability to communicate with our clients and educate them during the estimation and repair process gives them comfort knowing they are in good hands with the LionHeart team. Even if the storm is raging, Tim is a calm voice guiding the process to ensure quick resolution to challenging situations whether it be a simple repair, on-site rental generator, complex upgrade, or multitudes of other related items.

Aaron Marquardt, Project Solutions Team Manager

As a person who collaborates with Tim daily about client-related and sales-related matters, I am witness to his drive to balance LionHeart’s objectives for growth with our clients’ objective to minimizing cost. Tim is always focused on long-term relationships with our clients. He is truly a team player and always eager to provide input for improving our client relations, processes, goals, and internal collaborations.

Monty Hagberg, Enterprise Sales Specialist

Estimate your critical power equipment repair with Tim Buhrow by contacting us 24/7/365 at 844.LHPOWER.


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