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Fire Pumps: Protecting People; Protecting Property

Fire Pumps: Protecting People; Protecting Property

Fire pumps are the heart of the fire sprinkler system within a facility. It drives ample pressure and additional water volume to the fire protection system. Whether your fire pump is driven by a diesel engine or an electric motor, LionHeart offers the expertise to keep your drive system in peak operating condition.

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The Fire Pump Differences: Electric vs. Diesel

Electric Motor Driven Pumps

In most cases, an electric motor driven fire pump system requires two or more independent power sources.  The control system contains an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) used to monitor power quality and switch between sources when needed.  Many times, the second (or back-up power source) is derived from an on-site emergency generator.  Clients who hire LionHeart are hiring a company that has well-rounded field service technicians who are EGSA certified and experts in, both, ATS and emergency generator maintenance, service, and repairs.

Diesel Engine Driven Pumps

Though more expensive to install and maintain, diesel engine driven fire pumps are commonplace in many commercial and industrial facilities. By meeting NFPA 25, you will be assured your system is meeting all critical inspection and testing points. LionHeart field service technicians are mechanical, electrical and diesel engine experts who are well versed in the unique installation and operational aspects of diesel engine fire pumps.

LionHeart also offers portable, rental diesel engine driven fire pump systems toOkay. be used in cases of major repairs or catastrophic failures. Contact us at 844-LHPOWER or to learn more.

Fire Pump System Preventative Maintenance Program

At LionHeart, a comprehensive inspection is performed of the engine as well as full maintenance including replacement of the following:

  • Oil
  • Oil Filters
  • Fuel Filters

With approval, an operational test is performed to ensure the engine is operating properly.


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LionHeart offers the expertise to keep your fire pump system in peak condition. When it comes to fire pump maintenance, repair, upgrades, and emergency service response, we are well-regarded as the best in the business. Contact us at 844-LHPOWER for more information.
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