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Fuel Polishing & Cleaning of Diesel Generators

Fuel Polishing & Cleaning of Diesel Generators

Fuel polishing and cleaning is critical to the ability of diesel generators and/or fire pumps to operate in an emergency. It also is the key to preventing costly repairs and downtime due to issues such as fuel injection pump replacement.

What is fuel polishing & how do you maintain healthy fuel?

Fuel polishing and cleaning of diesel generators is the process of drawing the fuel from the tank through a filter system and back into the tank. During this, it constantly circulates that fuel through the filter. This captures all the water and elements that have accumulated in the diesel fuel.

The best way to maintain healthy diesel fuel, is by consistently following a proven diesel fuel and fuel tank maintenance program.

LionHeart can take the guesswork out of fuel maintenance with our fuel analysis program.

We have a proven track record of addressing fuel and fuel tank related issues using fuel polishing, water removal, fuel treatment, and fuel quality monitoring. LionHeart can accommodate both underground and above ground storage tanks, day tanks, and base tanks from 50 gallons to 30,000 gallons and above.

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With LionHeart, we will automatically send the diesel, oil, and/or coolant analysis results to you along with the results summary report. Our summary report includes repair recommendation numbers associated with any issues. This shows that they are in the process of being addressed.

The benefits of fuel polishing.

  • Power Assured®: ensuring you have power when you need it the most
  • Inspection Ready: our fuel polishing report will be email ready for your inspector
  • Cost & Time Savings: no more damages to expensive parts and no more downtime with replacing damaged parts

For more information on fuel polishing and cleaning, or to request a quote contact us at or 844.LHPOWER. To learn more about LionHeart and the additional services we provide, click here.


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