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LionHeart Assists as Puerto Rico Runs on Emergency Generator Power

LionHeart Assists as Puerto Rico Runs on Emergency Generator Power

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In early October, the Government of Puerto Rico reported that only 6.9% of the island had electricity. Even now, back-up generators are the primary power source for many hospitals, food banks, and stores. As back-up generators continue to run around the clock, the demand for fuel and maintenance parts has greatly increased; making both difficult to obtain.

Many global corporations experienced, first-hand, difficulties with their local service provider when it came to sourcing the standard PM items necessary to maintain their fleet of emergency generators, spread throughout Puerto Rico. After many of these businesses failed to find a universal vendor that could identify, quote, package, and ship these items, local employees reached out to their Corporate Headquarters for help. Shortly after, their corporate contacts in the Chicagoland area recommended LionHeart; and immediately, the Project Solutions Team got to work.

Within 72 hours of multiple requests , the LionHeart Projects Solutions Team completed the massive task of identifying, organizing, and quoting PM parts for nearly 100 generator sets. LionHeart’s Project Solutions Team was singled out as the only service provider capable of understanding both the urgency, and the customer’s technical requirements; which resulted in immediate orders.

Upon receipt of the various orders, LionHeart effectively procured, organized, and shipped over 2,000 parts from multiple vendors across the country.  Final coordination with a logistics company in Florida resulted in the parts reaching their destination in Puerto Rico within record time.

LionHeart’s internal team of technical solutions personnel, and strong relationships with vendors across the country, allowed for this type of project to be executed.

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