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LionHeart Hosts Annual Homecoming – Monty Hagberg Receives H.E.R.O Award

LionHeart Hosts Annual Homecoming – Monty Hagberg Receives H.E.R.O Award

Huntley IL. –

On Saturday, October 7th, LionHeart Team Members gathered at LionHeart’s Huntley Headquarters for their Annual Homecoming Party.

The evening began with a series of challenges based on the event’s theme, “Survivor”. Competing in challenges against colleagues has become a tradition at LionHeart’s annual homecoming event, and the competitive crowd enjoyed sparring in card-house building, marshmallow eating, and basketball shooting. Each competition was played to increase team members chances of winning the ultimate reward, “Don for a Day”. This coveted prize, is a LionHeart favorite, and can be cashed in for a paid day off while Don, President of LionHeart, completes their duties for the day.

employees gathered in a circle during the 2017 lionheart homecoming
eight employees smiling for the camera at the lionheart 2017 homecoming
man and woman smiling at the camera during lionheart homecoming
group of employees celebrating at the 2017 lionheart homecoming
gesturing man at the 2017 lionheart homecoming
employees celebrating at the 2017 lionheart homecoming

Following the competitions, a pig roast dinner was served. Team Members were able to share stories from the past year, meet new team members and enjoy a little down time, a rarity for anyone living the life of an emergency generator Field Service Engineer.

Dinner was capped off by a “year in review” slideshow, and an award ceremony. The following list shows the 2017 award recipients:

2017 Milestone Anniversaries

two smiling employees, one laughing and looking directly at the camera

10 Years of Employment –Laurie Bulow & Adam Mercadante

15 Years of Employment – Renee Huff & Ben Belohalvy

Sales Awards

employee cliff hunter holding his turbo charged award

Turbo Charged Award – Highest Repair Sales Volume – Tim Buhrow

Turbo Charged Award – Highest New Client Sales Volume – Cliff Hunter

People’s Choice Awards

lionheart employees gathered around a long table talking and eating

Lil’ Lion Cub Award – Support Team – A new employee (<12mo) that has already achieved outstanding performance in their role – Tom Akers

Lil’ Lion Cub Award – Field Team –A new employee (<12mo) that has already achieved outstanding performance in their role – Jeremy Benson

Survivor Award – Thrives under change and is known for their determination – Renee Huff

Einstein Award – Completes paperwork with the highest quality and overall professionalism-  Andy Kolls

Innovator Award – Recognized by peers as an innovator and is always working to enhance the LHCPS result – Laurie Bulow

The award ceremony ended with the presentation of the HERO award, LionHeart’s most prestigious award. This award is presented annually to the individual that  consistently displays outstanding results, the highest level of integrity in all aspects of their performance, and an excellent work ethic. They are not only a team player, but a team encourager. They strive to better themselves and the company. They represent all 4 of our core values; Honorable, Evolving, Responsible, and One.

This year the award was presented to a 16 year veteran of LionHeart, Monty Hagberg. As the Client Relations Team Manager Monty is consistently producing outstanding results for LionHeart clients, and LionHeart team members.  The quotes below are some of the feedback submitted during the HERO Award voting process, that describes Monty’s love for his clients, and colleagues.

employee monty hagberg holding his hero award plaque

“Monty embodies everything LionHeart strives to be as a company.”

“Monty is a true LionHeart HERO – He not only puts energy and effort into ensuring the well-being of the customer, but also his LionHeart teammates.”

The homecoming celebration continued on throughout the night, with a bonfire, guitar solos, and a lot of laughs.


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