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LionHeart Speaks at Career Day

LionHeart Speaks at Career Day

Philip Goski, a member of LionHeart’s Project Solutions Team, was recently provided an opportunity to speak at Southwest Christian High School’s Career Day, where students learned about a variety of career options for furthering their education after high school. 

Philip’s background as a Journeyman Field Service Engineer at LionHeart offered him a unique perspective to provide the students possible career paths. He spoke about his education at vocational schools and personal career path in the critical power industry. Phil said that the opportunity to speak to these students was a truly a great one! In his words:

“Having been invited to speak and present to SWCHS’s students was such an honor, and so enjoyable on their 2022 Career Day. When I was in their shoes, fifteen-plus years ago, nobody ever told me all the various career options that were out there. I was continuously pressured to select and attend a four-year university, but I just couldn’t bring myself to accept that result. I followed my heart and enrolled in a vocational school, focusing on the automotive trades, not having a clue what the future had in store for me besides working with my hands. Fortunately, everything worked out for the best and I found what I believe to be my true calling here in the Emergency Power Generation industry.

At their Career Day I was so thankful for the opportunity to meet and work with these young adults, informing them of career opportunities which were never presented to me, in hopes of allowing them to make the most informed decision possible for their future and their dreams. Career options for highly-motivated, highly-intelligent, high school students are literally endless. Myself and the industry I work in are just a small blip on their radar of endless possibilities in front of them.”

We here LionHeart Critical Power Specialists are so thankful to be able to spread the word on the amazing industry we work in. We asked Phil how he thought these students would impact the future of critical power, and he explained:

“Our industry is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. As electricity only becomes more and more critical, and as we see many of the “baby-boomer” generation of field technicians preparing to retire in 5-10 years. There are countless opportunities and roles that will need to be filled soon. In addition, we are seeing significant amounts of aging equipment from the 90’s – 2000’s boom where the emergency power industry really took off. There’s a ton of work to be done out there and our industry needs skilled, passionate, and caring people to keep these machines going. Bringing awareness to the existence and prevalence of the Critical Power Industry is vital to maintaining the skilled workforce needed to keep the lights on.”

A special thanks to Southwest Christian High School and their amazing staff for organizing such an important event for our next generation. We can’t wait to start working alongside these bright minds as they start to enter the workforce! Find out more about SWCHS by following the link:   


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