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Team LionHeart Provides Muscle at the Oscar Mike Compound

Team LionHeart Provides Muscle at the Oscar Mike Compound

LionHeart Critical Power Specialists, Inc. is proud to announce their participation in the recent renovation of the Oscar Mike Compound as part of Lifetime Network’s Designing Spaces program. The transformation is featured on the episode, “Keeping Our Heroes On The Move” which aired on December 4th and is also available on YouTube.

As part of the renovation, 16 dedicated LionHeart volunteers completed electrical, carpentry and painting projects under the watchful eye of the talented designer Jennifer Bertrand. LionHeart committed 200 hours of paid volunteer time and 800 hours of unpaid volunteer time to assist the Oscar Mike mission in 2018.

two men work to measure and cut plank of wood

At the Oscar Mike Compound, veterans take part in adaptive workouts, flight lessons, UTV driving, kayaking, cycling, fishing, equestrian therapy, skydiving and adaptive triathlon activities. It is also home to the only all-Veteran wheelchair rugby team – the Oscar Mike Militia.

The Oscar Mike Foundation is LionHeart’s official Non-Profit partner. Oscar Mike provides support to injured veterans looking for an opportunity to stay active or “On the Move.”

Donations to the Oscar Mike Foundation and proceeds from the sales of Oscar Mike Apparel help fund a variety of programs that allow injured veterans to get involved in athletic and adrenaline pumping activities to fuel their competitive spirit. 

LionHeart is the nation’s most sought-after back-up critical power company, focusing on serving clients not just in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, but also solving the most complex electrical engineering issues for over 2,000 clients across the United States. LionHeart is home to EGSA’s 2018 Technician of the Year award winner Rob Plane. 

To contact a spokesperson from LionHeart please email or call 847-291-1413.


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