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Closing out 2020 with Clean Safety Record

Closing out 2020 with Clean Safety Record

We are proud to be closing out 2020 with a clean safety record.

“LionHeart values the safety of our employees above all else. Nothing is more important than our FSEs coming home safe.” LionHeart Safety Motto

We train our Field Service Engineers to take the time to look, listen, and understand their surroundings. We also train them to consider the scope of work and the ramifications of performing this work in the surrounding they find themselves in. They deserve all the credit. We emphasize using common sense and trusting your gut.

Don Ritter, LionHeart President

Despite working the most hours in company history, LionHeart had a significant accomplishment in reporting no injuries in the calendar year of 2020.

While reporting zero injuries is a great achievement, it is not a goal. LionHeart’s objective is to have Field Service Engineers (FSEs), warehouse and office staff report any potentially dangerous condition, which could possibly result in an injury so those situations can be made safer in the future.

In 2017, LionHeart began developing its own proprietary Lion Way safety program. This is in addition to its safety manual, NFPA 70ELockout Tagout, OSHA and arc flash training. This program is geared exclusively to the backup power industry and the specific obstacles that our employees face daily.

LionHeart General Counsel, Joe Egloff, began interviewing all FSEs to delve into the specific dangers of the job and ways LionHeart could make their job safer.

Out of those interviews, LionHearts new safety motto, ten commandments of safety, and specific guidelines were born. The collaboration took place between our General Counsel, Joe, and several FSEs. These FSEs included Andy Kolls who has since taken the role of Field Service Manager, Rob PlaneChad YttriKevin Sheppard, Mike Danielson, Tim Brian, Phil Goski and many more. The program covers the following:

  • Preparing for a job
  • Towing
  • Driving
  • Generator maintenance
  • Load bank testing
  • ATS safety
  • Accident reporting
  • Lifting
  • Ladders
  • Waste
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • and many more topics

The biggest game-changer was identifying potential hazards at job-sites and making sites safer.

LionHeart FSEs aren’t working in the same location for weeks on end, instead going to new sites daily. One day it could be a high-rise office building in downtown Chicago, a nursing home in Burr Ridge the next and a suburban data center in Lombard to follow. Each location presents different safety challenges.

We’ve done our best to help sites we visit improve from a safety perspective. This is for the benefit of site personnel, pedestrians and LionHeart employees alike. It may involve specific recommendations. Some examples include having an extra person on site, wearing additional PPE, not performing certain tasks in adverse weather conditions, or making specific recommendations.

Joe goes over all examples of reported potentially dangerous sites with FSEs during a safety class at annual bootcamp. He explains how LionHeart made the site safer after it was reported, highlighting what notes were added to the custom LionWare software system.

An example of this commitment to safety includes adding a scissor lift to a site which had a precarious ladder climb to get to the generator on an elevated catwalk.

In addition to the program, a new LionHeart Safety Award was created to recognize the Field Service Engineer who most exemplifies LionHearts commitment to safety.

Ben Belohlavy won the first safety award for setting a positive example in the field for his fellow FSE’s. Jeremy Benson won the 2019 award after exemplary performance at a client site. 2020’s safety award went to Kyle Pleckham. He responded in a safe manner per company protocols to several potentially dangerous situations.

LionHeart’s commitment to safety is unmatched in the industry and is another reason why you should trust your equipment in our hands.

Kyle earned the 2020 safety award several times over. He encountered many situations and every time handled them with the utmost professionalism, mental fortitude and courage that LionHeart prides itself on.

Joe Egloff, LionHeart General Counsel

LionHeart is proud to be closing out 2020 with a clean safety record and we have all of our team members to thank for this accomplishment.

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