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Commercial Generator Maintenance

Commercial Generator Maintenance

Commercial generators, just like your car or truck, all have engine and electronics that require regular maintenance, regardless of how often they’re used. Regular commercial generator maintenance is imperative to ensuring long-life and minimal down-time throughout the life of the generator set. Maintenance schedules can also provide an opportunity for cost-saving measures to complete minor repairs, such as batteries or air filters, at the same time as regular maintenance.

How often should a commercial generator be serviced?

Most standby generators run less than 50 hours each year. This means they only require a preventative maintenance level 2 (PM2) once per year. A PM2 will consist of an inspection on the overall condition of the generator, such as:

  • replace engine oil
  • replace engine oil filters
  • replace fuel filters (if equipped on diesel engines)
  • obtain oil, coolant, and diesel fuel samples (if desired)

LionHeart advises that a semi-annual inspection also be performed every six months to address any potential concerns that have come up over the past few months. Our EGSA certified technicians will review any recommendations while onsite and provide repair recommendations discovered during the maintenance visit.

Another type of maintenance is load bank testing, which many facilities are required by code or law to load test their generator on an annual basis.

A load bank applies an electrical load to the generator end. This applies a mechanical load to the diesel or natural gas engine. Operating the engine and generator (alternator) at heavy loads increases exhaust temperatures and verifies the operation of the engine cooling system, automatic voltage regulator and excitation system, fuel system, and helps to eliminate wet stacking in diesel engines.

Every generator set manufacturer has standards for maintenance recommendations. These should be used as a guideline during the life of the generator.

LionHeart’s maintenance standards meet or exceeds the recommendation of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Often times OEM recommendations include daily or weekly inspections of the generator that are performed by the end user.

LionHeart experts are glad to provide training or answer questions on how to best maintain your generator set.


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